Monday, November 18, 2019

To improve outage times, the company needs to let vendors be able to Research Proposal

To improve outage times, the company needs to let vendors be able to connect to their equipment by the internet - Research Proposal Example As a result, sustaining competition, addressing consumer needs, and remaining relevant in the dynamic market and business environment requires strategic information technology procedures and strategies. Technology in its basic terms has evolved to be the avenue and platform upon which modern businesses possess the ability to succeed or fail (Anonymous, 2006). Therefore, this research project will investigate and evaluate how internet connectivity, specifically with regard to vendor equipment results into improvements and reduction of outage time. Research Questions In order to have clear and well defined research strategy, research questions always act to provide guidance and limits in which the research can be carried out. Therefore, research questions for this project include: What is the importance of internet connectivity in a company? Why is it necessary to integrate and connect vendor equipment to the internet in the organization? What are challenges to this process? How can th e challenges be addressed? Significance of Research It is observed that in order to improve the functionability of companies systems, there is great need to integrate vendor equipment in the entire system of the organization. Such integration calls for internet connectivity of vendor equipment. ... Therefore, in undertaking this research, the aim is to identify and explain how integration of vendor equipment to internet connectivity is necessary and how well the company can benefit from the entire venture. Relevant Literature Internet today is seen to be a necessity, a broad shift from the recent past where internet was seen as an option. For companies and other organizations to navigate through the dynamic business environment, there is religious need to embrace information technology that will connect the companies to the outside world. At the same time, internet connectivity in an organization should not just be in one area or department but it has to incorporate different departments in the organization and also employees should be part of this connectivity (InfoWorld, 2001). Today, communication in most organization is drastically changing where the old forms and tools of communication are being replaced by new communication tools such as e-mails and websites (Silverstein, 2001). In this way, presence of internet and proper internet connectivity provides opportunity for the company to integrate its business activities and processes which in turn enable the company to carry out its functions in the most effective and efficient way. Some benefits of the internet make its usage anywhere regardless of the company, to motivate numerous people and organizations to have desire to adopt it. For example, with internet exchange of e-mails with different people who are stakeholders to the business become easy and at faster rate (Silverstein, 2001). At the same time, company’s employees and other stakeholders can be able to remain in contact with the

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